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Property Law

Property Law News - January 2010


There are currently two title registration systems operating in Ireland. The Land Registry is a modern ownership registration system which covers 80% of property in Ireland. The older Registry of Deeds system registers only documents. The older system is being gradually phased out through compulsory registration following a sale. From the 1st January 2010 the only County without compulsory registration is Dublin. In County Kildare much of the centre of Maynooth, to include the estates of Silken Vale and Lyreen Park have unregistered titles. Large tracts of Celbridge town and the central areas of Athy, Newbridge, Naas and other urban areas in the County also have unregistered titles. Anyone considering selling a property in County Kildare should contact their solicitor as soon as possible so that the status of their title can be checked and if necessary prepared for first registration well in advance of a sale being agreed. For further information contact Deirdre Mc Gowan BCL, Solicitor.


The Revenue Commissioners introduced estamping early in 2010. Stamp duty returns must now be filed on line and Stamp Duty paid on-line. As a result of the new rules Solicitors must, in addition to obtaining the usual Money Laundering documentation from Clients, obtain original documents verifying PPS numbers when buying or selling property. For further information contact Deirdre Mc Gowan, Solicitor.

Updated 06.01.10

With extensive experience in buying, selling and leasing property we aim to ensure that the legal aspects of property transactions are dealt with efficiently. We also deal with technical issues relating to property such as registration of interests based on possession, boundary disputes, rights of way and the taxation implications of property transactions.

Probate, Wills and Succession Law

Succession Law New - January 2010

The beginning of a new year and a new decade is the perfect opportunity to review your will or begin the process of making a will if you have not done so before. Your Solicitor can help you to review your position and to consider all of the options available to you. A small amount of planning can go a long way to ensuring your family and assets are protected in the event of your death. During 2009 tax free thresholds have been significantly reduced making careful tax planning more important than ever.

Updated 06.01.10

A will provides for the distribution of your property after your death, it also allows you to provide for dependants in a tax efficient and fair way. We guide clients through the will-making process to ensure that their intentions are recorded in a valid testamentary document.

Following a death we assist family members in finalising the affairs of their loved one. We advise on all aspects of Irish probate and inheritance law including disputed estates. We also deal with trans-national estates. Our aim is to minimize cost and delay in the administration of estates through the use of quality control and case management systems. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation are particularly useful in disputed probate cases to reduce cost and delay. Please contact us by telephone or email for further details on our probate and estate service.

Personal Injuries Litigation *

Most personal injuries claims must be processed through the Injuies Board. Mary Cowhey & Company has extensive experience of dealing with these applications and with litigating claims through the courts. Many personal injuries claims are settled by the Injuries Board but a significant minority end up in the courts either because liability is disputed or because the claimant is not happy with the amount assessed by the Injuries Board. We assist client with each step in the process; completing the Injuries Board application, dealing with insurance companies; advising on assessments and court litigation if necessary.

* In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

Family Law

Mary Cowhey & Company has extensive experience in Family law. We aim to deal with family law matters in a way which preserves the dignity of all parties whilst ensuring that our clients achieve an outcome which secures their interests into the future. Our Solicitors are trained in traditional and collaborative dispute resolution methods and aim to assist clients in resolving family law disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Construction Law

The building boom over the last 10 years has resulted in many instances of poor construction resulting in loss to individual owners. We assist individuals and groups of owners in obtaining redress from developers, or insurers as appropriate, for defective workmanship. We are experienced in both arbitrating and litigating building contracts both on behalf of individuals and contractors.

Debt Collection

Unfortunately non-payment for goods and services is becoming more common. Mary Cowhey & Co have a quality debt recovery system which produces excellent value for money. We represent numerous small, medium and large enterprises in pursuing outstanding accounts through the Irish Courts.

Business Law

Setting up and operating a small or medium sized business requires the services of a trusted advisor to assist in all legal aspects of business. We offer tailored legal advice to small business’ including restaurants, retailers, technology start-up’s, building contractors, insurance brokers and estate agents.

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